(     breathing space    )

(  an opportunity to pause and relax  )


" we all need breathing space during the working week "

ॐ  J  a  i      G  u  r  u      D  e  v   ॐ


Breathing Space is specialized in onsite services, at home, workplace or in a hotel, for:



  • Private Shri Vivek Yoga classes.

  • Corporate Shri Vivek Yoga classes.

  • Weekly Shri Vivek Yoga classes. 

  • Corporate meditation sessions in the city.

  • Full body massage and Reiki treatments.

  • Corporate chair massage service.



For more information, check out what interests you most or contact me.

I'm happy to answer all your questions.


( Fully qualified with liability insurance of the IPTI therapists organisation in London and with DBS Basic Disclosure )


Mobile 07543 216365



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ॐ  J  a  i      G  u  r  u      D  e  v   ॐ

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