Healing from the ground up your own awareness space

Meditation is the art of concentrating on one thing as well as the art of being present with experience, emotions, and thoughts as they occur.

ॐ  J  a  i      G  u  r  u      D  e  v   ॐ


My Sanskrit Acharya yoga name is Ishat. I’m a fully qualified Shri Vivek Yoga and Meditation Coach Instructor, Life and Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.


Meditation in the city, is indicated for those who seek awareness space in the office, due that help employees to deal with stress, anxiety, and workplace pressures. In addition to cultivating positive work environments, many employers have experience huge workplace improvements thanks to meditation programs.

All the approach of meditation is based on master Shri Guruji Swami Vivekananda's teachings. During the sessions, I am trying to lead you to manage the habit to bring all your attention to your body. The body is always in the present moment, so when we focus on it, the mind will quiet. As a result, it helps to bring you into the present moment, back into your body and calming properties to prepare for meditation.


Practiced frequently the meditation, involves being fully aware, present and focused on the moment. It is utilised to develop self-knowledge and wisdom, training the mind and inducing a mode of increased consciousness.

The fee is £40 / 60mins and can be shared among all participants. According to the company's need, with 2 groups of 30 mins or 3 groups of 20 mins.


And remember, by taking just 20 minutes out of your daily schedule to meditate, you can relax and increase your productivity and energy levels.


For more information, you can contact me. I am always glad to answer all your questions.  




ॐ  J  a  i      G  u  r  u      D  e  v   ॐ

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